An inquest into the death of 17-year old Charlotte Guy of Wigan, England, revealed that she hanged herself after she mistakenly told her boyfriend, Jack Hurst, via Snapchat message, that she had cheated on him.

'The Daily Mail' reports that Charlotte, a healthcare student at St John Rigby College, intended to send the confession to a friend, but instead, sent it to 20-year old Hurst. Upon realizing what she had done, Charlotte sent Hurst another message apologizing, saying the message wasn’t for him.

Boyfriend helps to find body

Hurst, who at the time was away at Newcastle University, explained that Charlotte wanted to talk to him, but he wasn’t up to it at the time.

He said Charlotte later texting him a long message before saying, “Goodbye. Please forgive me,” followed by, “I love you, knowing that you hate me is enough.”

Hurst said he called the police when Charlotte did not answer his calls, and using her Snapchat was able to locate her. But the Teen was found dead, hanging from a tree, near to her school.

History of self-harm

Charlotte’s parents Deborah and Martin Guy said that she had a history of self-harm, and having been told by Hurst that Charlotte had said she wanted to kill herself, the teen had been referred to healthcare professionals. On Sunday 24 September, the day she died, Charlotte she had a cup of tea with her parents before leaving for a friend’s to collect her things.

This was the last time the couple saw their daughter alive.

The teenager and friend’s Kieran Ashcroft and Stephanie Bradshaw had reportedly partied the night before, when, according to toxicology reports, while under the influence of alcohol, Charlotte, who also worked poolside at a Total Fitness gym, had taken cocaine. Mr.

Ashcroft said that although Charlotte mentioned her breakup with Jack, she didn’t seem upset about it and seemed happy the entire night.

Coroner Alan Walsh in his narrative conclusion said that Charlotte’s trigger points, the stress of an employed college life and the relationship with her boyfriend, could have influenced her “state of mind”.

He added, “I believed she was a troubled young lady. The effect it will have on her Family And Friends is beyond imagination."

Friend pays tribute to Charlotte

'The Sun' reports that Charlotte’s friend, Stephanie Bradshaw, has now paid tribute to her in the wake of the inquest. In an essay, Stephanie writes: "Charlotte was loving, honest and caring to anyone she met. She was down to earth and would selflessly do her utmost to help others."

However, Stephanie is furious and “disgusted” at 'The Sun' and other publications that made reports which suggest that her friend’s suicide was influenced by cocaine. In a Facebook post on Jan 26, Bradshaw said, “Charlotte was one of the most loving, caring and funny people I have ever met, it infuriates me that a fake story is being published all over social media!!”

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