Al-Quds Al-Arabi, an Arab newspaper in the UK released a report that Iran’s former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been arrested and placed under house arrest for condemning Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and provoking the unrest and Protests that have plagued the nation for the past few weeks. The report of his arrest came from sources within the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Ahmadinejad reportedly stated that the present leaders are detached from the problems and concerns of the Iranian people and have no idea of what they have to deal with under the present leadership.

He further stated that the government is mismanaged and that it was not from a lack of economic sources.

Ahmadinejad’s statement

"The government of Rouhani considers that they possess and control the land and that the Iranian people are nothing more than an uninformed society that doesn’t know better,” said Ahmadinejad. “The populaces with their protests are furious at Rouhani’s government because of its domination of the public’s wealth."

Iranian protestors continue to protest as they attempt to take down the radical Islamic Iranian regime. While many Iranians have thanked U.S. President Donald Trump for his support, the Trump administration plans to continue to enforce sanctions against the nation and does appear that he supports a regime change.

Furthermore, there are reports that the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, as part of the Iranian government crackdown on the demonstrators, were found to be asking viewers to surrender the identities of those demonstrators.

Iranian government suppression

The Iran demonstrations have caught international attention and numerous protesters have been either arrested or killed for speaking against the tyrant Rouhani government.

The government-sanctioned state TV on Saturday played propaganda pro- Rouhani marches in several Iranian cities, with hundreds of citizens brandishing Iran’s flag and reciting catch-slogans against the United States and Israel.

Whether or not confirmed reports of Ahmadinejad’s arrest can be verified, Ahmadinejad had been at odds with Rouhani and his administration over the past few weeks.

On Thursday, (Jan.4), Rouhani cautioned that Ahmadinejad was “marching a path of hostility with his regime.” Ahmadinejad reportedly countered Rouhani’s statement by implying that the Iranian people are moving toward crippling his rule in Iran.