A few days back Iran tested a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The missile covered a distance of about 600 miles and alarmed America. Donald warned Iran, and at the same time, passed fresh sanctions against the regime. The reason was that Iran had violated the nuclear accord. This does not seem to have had an effect, and the Iranian revolutionary guard -- the elite strike force of the Iranian military -- carried out an exercise in Semnan province. This province is located in Northern Iran and does not touch the Persian gulf, yet to publicize the exercise is an act of bravado, and Iran warned the US and UK to beware.

this exercise was conducted with short range missiles and radar systems. The news was reported by the Russian Sputnik news.

Iran and USA

US support for the Shah of Iran for almost 25 years has hardened Iranian resolve to oppose the USA as the "Great Satan." When the Shah was in the USA for medical treatment in 1979 the Iranian revolutionary guard seized nearly 100 Americans as hostages from the US embassy -- defying all diplomatic protocol and civilized behavior. President Carter at that time was helpless and his image was dented when a rescue effort failed.

Donald and Iran

Donald Trump had warned Iran after the launch of the ICBM that he is not Obama. But his words appear hollow, and, like Jimmy Carter, there do not appear to be many options for him.

By signing the nuclear accord with Iran, Obama effectivelly tied Donald's hands.

Iran's revolutionary guard

The Iranian Revolutionary guard are the elite Iranian armed forces. Past performance does not inspire confidence in their fighting ability, however. The Iranians are Shia Muslim, and are at odds with Saudi Arabia -- which heads the Sunni sect.

Iran is supporting Assad in Syria and Houthi's in Yemen. Iran has the support of Russia and China, and that is a major factor in the geopolitical environment in the Middle East.

Last word

It will be interesting to see how Donald responds to Iran. It won't be easy.