On Sunday (Dec. 31), WND reported that an Israeli commerce news agency, the Globes, recently exposed a new taxing authority department in France that specifically focuses on “French Jews,” a tactic, unheard of in any other western nations.

The revelation that such a department exists has caught the citizens of France by surprise in which they are calling it, discriminatory at the highest level, raising questions as to why only Jewish citizens are being selectively targeted.

Tax expert weighs in

A tax expert, who spoke with Globes, stated that this is something new and very questionable, and very much so does discriminate against French Jews.

He added that this action by the French authorities is very uncommon and that he’s not sure why they are doing this, along with employing a larger than normal amount of personnel, is extremely unconventional and unheard of. He further stated that there are no other tax equivalent departments in the western world that singles out a specific ethnic group. France has seen an increase in anti-Semitism against Jewish people as well as a mass migration of French Jews moving to Israel or buying second homes there in planning for a probable move.

Uri Goldman, of Goldman and Company law firm, stated that he views this action of creating this new secret Tax Authority department can only be viewed as a hidden agenda aimed at French Jews, either solely based on political intentions or something suspicious happening at the highest levels of the French government.

He stated that new immigrants in Israel are excluded from tax reporting and disbursement of taxes for ten years, but add that together with rich people and proprietors of companies and other material goods in France, the situation is supplementary much more complicated. He further added that when such immigrants are prosperous, there is a multifaceted situation of adjustment between the tax laws in Israel and abroad, such as in France, through the tax treaties and that this is true when capital goes unreported.

Globes reported that the new tax authority division was created sometime in 2016 and presently has 20 Hebrew-speaking personnel and that plans are in the works to employ five more personnel. Although supposedly, the French division was created to catch French Jewish tax dodgers, an unidentified international attorney that specializes in tax laws, stated that most tax specialists have one or two who speak Hebrew, but contracting nearly two dozen or more Hebrew-speaking investigators is very erratic.

France’s response to the allegations

As news spread of this secret department throughout France and the international community, the French embassy in Israel has disputed that such a department exists. A spokesperson stated that no such department exists in the most resounding way and that the Globes newspaper is doing nothing more than spreading baseless lies. The spokesperson further stated that tax legislation in France prohibits any dissimilarity between French citizens based on their origins, and that includes French Jews, where they live, and their citizenship of a particular nation or religious beliefs.