Imagine yourself being abducted by an unknown family to be brought to your own arranged wedding with a gun pointed at your head. What would you do? Would you go forward with the wedding or would you rather be shot to death?

Surprisingly, this scenario actually occurred on Friday (Jan. 5) to an engineer from India and now the police are investigating. 29-year-old, Vinod Kumar, told authorities that he was kidnapped and Forced To Marry a woman at gunpoint in Bahir. A woman that he never even met. A video of Kumar, which shows him weeping and being forced to cooperate with his future family-in-law is circulating on the internet.

A friendship betrayal led to a crime

So far, the trending video of Vinod crying has gained over 65,000 views within a short amount of time. But the real question is how did this even happen?

According to Newsweek, Kumar attended a friend’s wedding as a guest and a friend of his tricked him by having the girl’s family “befriend” him while he was asked to step out for a minute. A few moments later, he was being lured to a vehicle and a group of men abducted him at his friend’s wedding. The culprits brought him to a prepared Hindu ceremony, which is where he encountered his future bride.

The idea of kidnapping men and forcing them to marry a woman is known as “pakadua vivah,” which is a common ritual in Bahir, however, this act usually occurs with the bride, not the groom.

This act is usually performed by poor families who can’t afford a dowry. Instead of the groom, brides are usually the ones to be abducted.

During the Hindu ritual, Kumar mentioned that he was also forced to place “vermillion” in the girl’s hair. Vermillion is a deep, orange-red powder made of minerals which symbolizes a woman is married.

In the video, you can also hear Kumar continuously sobbing while a voice in the background can be heard shouting, “We are only performing your wedding, not hanging you.”

Kumar’s family gets notified about his disappearance

Sanjay Kumar, Vinod’s brother, filed a missing person report after he noticed Vinod didn’t come back from his friend's wedding.

The report went into effect on December 3. Kumar’s family eventually received news of his disappearance after they received a random phone call from an unknown caller. The caller alerted Sanjay about the arranged wedding, then the police were called to search where the groom was possibly held captive.

Sanjay accuses Surendra Yadav

According to The Telegraph, Sanjay is accusing a local “gangster” by the name of Surendra Yadav, who is known to commit crimes such as kidnappings for marriage. The bride’s brother, Umesh Prasad, was also interrogated by local news stations and he claims that the wedding was not arranged. He also denied knowing about the trending video of Vinod and the kidnapping.