Iranian protestors continue to take to the streets for the sixth day in Iran and many are thanking U.S. President Donald Trump for his support but are also asking for additional help as they attempt to take down the radical Iranian regime. Trump has acknowledged on Twitter the issues and plight of the protesters and implied on Wednesday that his administration may get more engaged with their struggles, soon.

Iranian protestor speaks out

Fox News reported that one of the protest leaders in Tehran, Iran, who only went by his first name, Azi, spoke to Fox News and told them that the “real hell” is right there in Iran and that this is a real revolt against the leaders of Iran.

He further stated that the Iranian people are fed up, are rising up, and that they don’t plan to back down. He also sent his thanks to President Trump for his backing, but said that they need additional help.

The Protests arose due to Iran’s declining economic conditions, government corruption, and the worsening expense of petroleum, products, and services, and while the protests erupted suddenly, the situation had been developing over the course of the last few years, according to an intelligence source within the U.S. government.

Reasoning behind the protests

The foundation of the protest began permeating months after President Obama and his administration lifted sanctions against the Iranian regime, which, back in 2015, was part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the so-called “Iran deal”).

After that deal was struck, many Iranians felt that no part of that deal benefited them, especially Iranian millennials, who came together to advocate for change, mainly through social media forums and mobile apps, using Telegram and Instagram.

As reported earlier, the Iranian government had threatened to shut down Internet access if the protestors continued their protests and did not disperse, and, it appears that they have shut down their access to social media, leaving the protestors with no choice but to get more creative in getting their voices heard around the world.

Azi told Fox News that Obama deceived the citizens of Iran as well as the citizens of Syria, whereas Trump has not. Azi went on to say that Obama did nothing more than give the Iranian government payoffs and that he also cooperated with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He further stated that the Trump administration needs to enact sanctions against the regime and that the United States should not pay off the Iranian leaders.

The latest reports show that hundreds have been arrested and around 21 have been killed by government forces. Incidentally, on Tuesday, a counter-protest came out and marched in support of the Iranian government and its leadership.

The role of the U.S. government in Iranian citizen protests

As acts of violence increase and the protests grow more intense, the Iranian government appears to be intensifying its aim of suppressing the protestors' actions, a Senior Analyst from the Center for Global Policy stated.

As to how much more the U.S. should be involved, there are disagreements, and a United State Air Force Col. (retired) who previously consulted with President Trump during his presidential campaign, Col.

James Waurishuk, stated that Trump has to get behind this Iranian issue, just as the U.S. did with the various Russian government leadership changes that led to the demise of the former USSR. The United States also needs to reinforce its calculated impact and diplomatic resources.