Demonstrators, for the third night in a row, continued their anti-government protests and in the latest Iran news, have attacked a town hall in Tehran. Three protestors were shot and killed by the Revolutionary Guards and despite Iranian government threats against the protestors that if they continue and do not disperse, they will cut off the internet app on their mobile phones. A report by J Post provided most of the facts used in this article.

On social media, videos were posted showing thousands of Iranian demonstrators parading through three Iranian cities, whereas, in the Iranian city of Dorud, numerous reports had spread quickly that several Iranians had been killed by Iranian police forces.

Due to Iran’s media blackouts and a number of rumors being released, much is unknown of actual facts in order to confirm what is really happening.

Iranian sporadic protest details

Iranian authorities, according to AFP reporters, appear to be countering the unrest by cutting off internet access to mobile phones and associated internet applications, with the government’s central internet networks being suspended, at least in the city of Tehran shortly before 12 AM. The most popular social media service in the country, Telegram, was warned by multiple Iranian news networks that its service may be shut down shortly after Iranian communications minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi blamed one of their popular channels, Amadnews, of urging a massive armed revolt.

Mehr, a conservative news agency, publicized several videos of demonstrators launching an attack at a town hall in Iran's capital city of Tehran and also showed where protestors were overturning a police car and setting an Iranian flag on fire.

Israel and US response to the Iranian protests

Israeli’s Prime Minister’s Office released no statements as of Saturday evening (Dec. 30), but Gilad Erdan of the Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister stated that what he is seeing came as no surprise to anyone. Erdan posted on his Twitter account and said that Iran continues to waste money, in the billions, supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist activities around the world and he further stated, “It’s no wonder that many Iranians are bravely standing up and speaking out against the Iranian leadership.”

The US response was similar to where the Trump administration cautioned Iran to not detain or assault the peaceful protesters, as video emerged of the demonstrations showcasing the violence from Iran’s “Basij” militia and the large presence of Iran’s armed forces.

President Trump tweeted, “The world is watching!” and also stated that the international community is closely watching and that Iran needs to respect their people’s right and their right to express themselves.

In response to the US and President Trump’s comments, Iran’s state-sponsored media outlet recited Iran’s MOF spokesperson, who said that the Iranian people see no value in the devious claims by American officials and Mr. Trump. As to what will happen in the days and weeks ahead in Iran, that is uncertain.