Trump's decision that the USA recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital Of Israel is controversial. The US administration stated that it is stating the obvious - the obvious being that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. The US has also decided to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. However, as per international law and UN accords, Jerusalem is a shared city between Israel and Palestine. In order to discuss this decision, UNSC called for an emergency Security Council on December 8th.

EU member state Sweden opposed US President Trump's decision. Sweden condemned President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, which was reiterated by the UK.

Both European countries stated that Jerusalem's status is not under dispute and that they do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. President Trump’s decision implies that Israel owns the territory of Jerusalem, which is not true, as Jerusalem is a shared city.

UN resolution 303 on Jerusalem

Jerusalem is Corpus Separatum (a legal term used to describe a region with special political status), as recognized by UN resolution 303. Both US and UK had refused to recognize it as Israel’s territory at the time of the resolution. The political status of Jerusalem is not in dispute. The new US administration’s decision is contradicting its earlier stand.

According to a report by Innercitypress, Egypt warned that any support of this decision will only lead to hostilities.

Even as the ambassador spoke, stone-throwing incidents were reported from Jerusalem with a fresh outbreak of hostilities. The decision’s timing is highly inopportune, as it is the start of festival season and the Christian community in Jerusalem will surely suffer when violence occurs.

Other UNSC member-states reiterated that US decision was unacceptable and status of Jerusalem is that of a shared city.

The Palestine ambassador made an emotional appeal for peace. He reminded states that status quo should be maintained and US decision cannot and will not be accepted by the Arabs. He appealed to Jordan, the custodian of Jerusalem to give its opinion. Jordan regarded the US decision as unilateral and the resolution as null and void and requested that the US reconsider and rescind its decision.

The USA stands by its decision

Nikki Haley, US spokesperson said that change is hard yet change has to be made. She appealed to member states to accept the US decision. Israel spokesperson stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Israel invited the delegates to shift their capitals to Jerusalem and recognize it as the capital of Israel. The US said that change is hard, yet change has to be made.

Other states like Bolivia, Uruguay, Italy, China, and Japan all rejected Jerusalem as US capital. Uruguay quoted John Lennon and reminded all that he wasn’t the only dreamer. Further, it was stated that there is no plan B to the Middle East issue. Jerusalem is a shared city and two states must maintain status quo.

Kazakhstan and Russian delegation were also of the same view that status quo remains.

Is Trump lighting a dangerous fire in the Middle East?

All in all, apart from Egypt, other states regard this decision as an attempt to disturb the peace in the Middle East. Recently the states of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates formed a power bloc, which will be superior to GCC. This power bloc will not respond positively to the decision by the US on Jerusalem. A very dangerous situation will occur if ISIS advances towards Israel. Though ISIS has been pushed back, it is still uncertain how thIslamicic terror groups will respond to any hostile situation between Palestine and Israel.

The question is whether the US has made a hasty decision.

It comes in the aftermath of several talks between the two countries which have decided closer cooperation to resolve the issues regarding peace. Trump's conservative bend of mind is inclined towards favoring the Christian cause. He is also anti-Islam in most of his policies. The USA clearly sent out a warning that those reacting violently to this decision will be considered as hostile forces. The Pope has sounded a cautionary note to US on city of Jerusalem as well. US has been totally isolated and rejected in its decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel.