The think tank in the Pentagon believes that 'ground invasion' was the only way to checkmate and destroy the weapons program of North Korea. The country has already conducted the test of a missile with the potential to carry a nuclear warhead and target the United States.

Daily Mail UK reports that to carry out such an invasion, the forces of the US and its ally South Korea underwent training drills to understand the methodology to be adopted to succeed in the mission of disarming weapons of mass destruction.

They recently concluded the four-day joint exercise, identified as ‘Warrior Strike,' at Camp Stanley near Seoul.

The situation is volatile

The United States and North Korea are not willing to budge from their respective stands to defuse the existing tensions. War could break out any moment in case Pyongyang carries out any more testing of its missiles. In fact, such a test could be decisive. Therefore, the drills were carried out to fine tune the military personnel of South Korea to handle tasks associated with ground invasion. Senior officers from both sides attended the program.

China is an ally of North Korea, and it also is anticipating the worst. A Chinese former senior military official feels war could break out at any time, and Beijing should be mentally prepared to face the extreme situation and deploy its troops accordingly.

Who has the solution?

The problem in the Korean peninsula appears to be slowly going out of control. It is a battle between the United States and North Korea and affects other countries in the vicinity. While South Korea and Japan have allied with the US, the other side has the support of China and Russia.

Soon after taking over the office, Donald Trump had discussed the issue with Xi Jinping and wanted him to exert his influence on Kim Jong-un to halt his nuclear programs.

However, Kim continues to test his weapons at regular intervals and claims to have developed ICBMs that can reach mainland US. To prove his intent, Kim has sent missiles flying over Japan which is an ally of the US and has also identified a few probable targets like Alaska and Hawaii.

America has its warships in the region, South Korea has its THAAD missile defense system, and Hawaii has tested its sirens to check their serviceability.

China is an ally of North Korea, and it is also worried because the countries share a common border, and any war would send people fleeing into China as refugees and add to the crisis.

The question now is – who has the solution?