Hurricane Ophelia has arrived in the British Isles after leaving the Azores, with the storm coming exactly 30 years after the Great Storm hit the U.K. in 1987. Some 100,000 homes in Ireland have lost power, while the Met Office warns the public of “potential danger to life.”

Homes in Ireland lose power as Ophelia hits

As 100,000 homes in Ireland lose power, ESB Networks are warning this could last for several days. Around 200 homes in Wales are also without electricity, leading to several schools closing early. As the remnants of Ophelia arrive in Ireland, gusts of wind are reaching 109 mph off the south coast.

A red wind warning has been issued Met Eireann in the Republic of Ireland, while the army has been deployed.

Strong winds bring danger to life

The met also warned that Hurricane Ophelia is forecast to keep traveling north, affecting western areas of Ireland with destructive and violent gusts, traveling at around 75-93 mph, adding that there is an imminent danger to both life and property.

Northern Ireland, south-west Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man are under an amber warning, which will remain in force until 23:00 local time. Some parts of Scotland, Wales and the north and west of England are under a yellow warning, which could mean “very windy weather.” However, the Met office did say there is a good chance the hurricane could hit Northern Ireland on Monday afternoon, possibly leading to power cuts, large waves on the coast and flying debris.

According to the BBC, Chris Page, their Ireland correspondent, has said Hurricane Ophelia will be the most powerful storm to make landfall in Ireland in around half a century. The public in Ireland has been warned to stay indoors until the storm passes.

British sense of humor prevails despite Hurricane Ophelia

In the meanwhile, and as reported by The Sun, it seems even a strong Hurricane does little to affect the British Sense Of Humor, with many people heading to Twitter with comical memes and gifs.

Some chose to reveal the food they have stocked up on prior to the hurricane making landfall, with Jamie Hogan revealing his storm survival kit. It seems all he needs to survive is a can of Guinness and some cheese and onion crisps.

Amie Clancy was thinking in a similar vein as she posted an image of the self-same crisps, saying that as an “organized Irish mother, she has prepared lunch, in case the power goes out.

With schools closing for the duration, others posted in a “teacher” vein, with Daragh Keany posting a meme showing Amy Schumer downing a humongous glass of white wine, with the caption “Teachers all over the country right now.

Stephen Hassett isn’t too worried about Hurricane Ophelia, as today is his day off. He posted an image of Homer Simpson to show what he will be doing all day.