Warning, cuteness alert, as an almost three-minute compilation has been released by the Toronto Zoo in Canada showing their two clumsy and incredibly cute giant panda cubs taking a series of tumbles, slips and slides in their enclosure at the zoo.

While they may look so terribly clumsy, according to scientists, this is perfectly normal behavior for pandas and is expected to be part of their play as growing cubs. According to researchers from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Zoo Atlanta, these tumble and play experiences could contribute significantly to the cubs’ development into reproductively successful adult pandas.

Toronto Zoo celebrates panda cubs’ second birthday

In their description to the YouTube video included below, the Toronto Zoo said they had decided to celebrate the second birthday of their panda cubs in style. They want to show everyone how promising the development of the first giant panda cubs in Canada has been over the last two years. However, while tempting everyone to visit the cute cubs with the footage, the zoo did warn that the pair is moving to Calgary Zoo in March 2018.

As noted by NDTV, the Toronto Zoo also posted the video to their Facebook page, drawing many humorous comments, including one person who joked that the tumbles explain the pandas’ black eyes. Another commentator said they now totally get why pandas are endangered.

One person commented on the YouTube version of the video to say in every video they Watch of pandas, they seem to behave more like human toddlers than animals.

Calgary Zoo well into their plans for the panda cubs’ arrival

Meanwhile, even though it is still some months until the two giant panda cubs arrive, Calgary Zoo’s planning process for the cubs will reportedly well underway.

That zoo has spent some $14.1 million transforming what was previously an elephant enclosure into a new home for the giant pandas, which they say is well on the way to completion.

Jamie Dorgan of Calgary Zoo told CTV News that they have created a new indoor space for the pandas where they can handle the extreme heat of summer, but also the really cold winter months.

They say the outdoor area is “fantastic,” offering the pandas a large mountain area and everything they could need. The zoo says Chinese panda specialists will also be involved in the panda’s first couple of years of their five-year residence at the zoo.