The incident happened at the Red CentreNATS car festival at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway in the Northern Territory of Australia on Sunday afternoon. During a burnout competition, gasoline from one of the competing cars ignited, leading spectators to be sprayed with the burning fuel.

A dozen spectators were injured in the incident, with at least one person currently in a critical condition from severe burns caused by the flash fire. Many spectators inadvertently captured the moment on their smartphones, instantly uploading the footage to social media.

Excited spectators watch as a car suddenly sprays burning fuel

Thousands of spectators attended the event in an area outside of the town of Alice Springs, which was halted after the car sprayed burning gasoline over the audience. As it happened, an intense fire swept through the crowd closest to the track. The incident can be seen in the video included here.

Drag racing event organizer confirms injuries

The Northern Territory Major Events Company, who organized the event, released a statement Sunday evening to confirm that 12 people had been burned in the incident at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway. The statement went on to say the injured are being treated at the Alice Springs Hospital, with one man listed as being in a critical condition with what doctors consider to be life-threatening burns.

The other 11 spectators were considered to be stable but in a serious condition. later reported that four of the burn victims, which included a 48-year-old man and his 19-year-old son, were later airlifted to a hospital in Adelaide with face and arm burns. As noted in a tweet by 7 News Sydney, that father, and son are considered to both be fighting for their lives.

Other patients received treatment in Alice Springs and as of Monday, six of the injured remain in hospital, while four have been discharged following treatment.

The event company continued by saying it was a “distressing situation,” going on to encourage affected spectators to seek support and medical assistance, should they need it.

Three-day car event in Alice Springs

The burnout competition at which the incident occurred was reportedly among the last of that day’s events. Thousands of enthusiasts from all over Australia were at the three-day event which is considered to be the “ultimate festival of wheels” in the country.

While the entire event is popular, the burnout competition really grabs the crowds, while organizers describe it in their promotional literature as the “most outrageous and exciting” part of the event.

As reported by myGC, the event was scheduled to end at 4 p.m.

that afternoon, followed by a party at the Alice Springs Convention Center. However, event organizers decided to cancel the party following the burnout incident.

Police Superintendent Bradley Currie told the media that officers present at the event had taken several witness statements and will be investigating circumstances surrounding the burnout accident.