This is not what you want to happen to you on a first Tinder date with a promising partner. It happened in Bristol, England when a woman was enjoying her first Date with a guy she swiped right for on Tinder. However, it ended with the woman firmly stuck in a bathroom window, while trying to retrieve poop she had chucked out when the toilet wouldn’t flush.

After firefighters had to smash the window to rescue the damsel in distress, Liam Smyth has now launched a GoFundMe page to replace the smashed window. Turns out it was an expensive window and he’s looking for money to replace it.

There might even be a second date in the future.

Tinder date nightmare begins

Smyth explained what happened in his description on the GoFundMe campaign. At first, the date was completely normal and enjoyable. He said they had a great meal at Nando’s and then headed back to his house to enjoy some wine while watching a documentary. However, suddenly things took a turn to the weird and smelly.

Smyth’s unnamed (for what will be obvious reasons) date used his bathroom, but when she came back she looked panicked. She confessed that she had taken a dump but it wouldn’t flush away, so, feeling embarrassed, she had delicately picked up the poop with some tissue paper, throwing it out the bathroom window but that there was a problem.

The window in question sounds like a nightmare design, as doesn’t directly open onto the garden – instead, it opens on a foot-and-a-half gap, blocking the outside with another double-glazed window, which doesn’t open. Smyth said the poop had landed in that little “twilight zone,” and remained there in clear sight. He included photos of the window and the “offending package” in his post.

Readers can probably spot it in the tweet below.

Tinder date gets stuck in the bathroom window

While Smyth valiantly went upstairs to find the necessary tools to smash through and open the window, his date, who he describes as an “amateur gymnast,” had decided to climb head-first through the window to retrieve her poop package.

Only one problem, she was having difficulty reaching the “offending package,” so Smyth valiantly helped her. He gave the woman a boost up into the window and she went in head first to grab the poop, grabbed the package and passed it back inside and into the toilet.

So the poop was now in the correct place, but there was still a problem. The woman called to him to help her out of the window and he grabbed her by the waist. However, it turned out his Tinder date was well and truly stuck in the window frame. At this stage in the GoFundMe page, he included a photo of the poor lady’s unfortunate experience (included above).

Firefighters to the rescue

The only thing Smyth could think of was to call the local fire department to come and free the woman from the window, where she had now been stuck for some 15 minutes. Firefighters were quickly on the scene and freed her from the bathroom window.

While Smyth is grateful for the firefighters coming to the rescue, the problem now is that he needs £200 ($260) to replace the now totally destroyed window. Smyth then came up with the idea to start the crowdfunding campaign to cover his costs and get out of his crappy situation, as he is a graduate student and that amount is literally his monthly budget.

It turns out due to the sheer whackiness of his GoFundMe campaign, it had soon gone viral on Twitter. At the time of writing, Smyth has already raised well over his original £200 ($260), with 277 kind internet Good Samaritans donating a hefty £2,037 ($2,658) in just one day.

Not to be outdone, Smyth had already offered to split any additional money raised by the GoFundMe campaign in two very appropriate ways. Half will go to the charity Toilet Twinning, which is bringing sanitation and clean water to impoverished regions where people don’t have the luxury of a toilet. The other half will go to a firefighters’ charity, as he says they risk their lives on a daily basis, even getting damsels in distress out of bathroom windows.

As to whether there will be a second date, Smyth told the Bristol Post that his Tinder date was a “lovely girl,” but that he’s busy with his dissertation right now and is not sure what will happen. However, he did say he would certainly like to see her again.