Kate Middleton revealed that their two-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, is taking dancing lessons and that the little princess “absolutely loves it,” according to Hello Magazine. This is a rather timely piece of royal tidbit as it is already a common knowledge that the late Princess Diana had a passion for dancing too.

The late Princess of Wales’ family, led by her two sons, Willian and Harry, are also commemorating the 20th year anniversary of Diana’s death.

According to Hello Magazine, it was during a visit to the Princess Diana garden at Kensington Palace that a proud Duchess of Cambridge shared the information about Princess Charlotte’s love of dancing.

The report said that Kate was chatting to English National Ballet director Tamara Rojo about Diana's passion for dancing. It was during this conversation that the Duchess revealed that Princess Charlotte absolutely loves to dance.

This information comes after it was reported several days ago that Prince George is attending Thomas’s London Day School in Battersea starting September

Diana dancing history

According to the book “The Diana Chronicles” by Tina Brown, Princess Diana studied ballet and tap dance during her early life. Diana also worked as a dance instructor for youth until a skiing accident caused her to miss three months of work.

Among the most iconic images of the late princess was the 1985 picture of her and John Travolta dancing during a state dinner at the White House.

In 1997, she auctioned a number of her gowns including what became known as “Travolta gown” in order to raise money for her charities. The dress fetched a record $222, 500.

20th Anniversary of Diana’s death

It was already two decades since Princess Diana tragically died in Paris. As part of the commemoration of her life, Diana’s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, appeared in a number of tv programs to talk about the life and legacy of their mother.

The two princes also opened up about what transpired during the days leading and after Diana’s death. They shared how their father and the Queen tried to protect them during those days and that they did not expect the scale of the reaction to their mother’s death until they were forced to go back to London.

William talks about Diana to his children

Prince William also said that he often talks to Prince George and Princess Charlotte about Diana. The future King said he always reminds his kids that they have two grandmothers and that it is important that they know who Diana was.

Should Princess Charlotte continue her interest and love of dancing when she grows up, the princess can certainly draw inspiration from her iconic grandmother, Diana.