North Korea is determined to keep the whole world on edge by pursuing its nuclear ambitions to tease nuking the United States, which happens to be the single point agenda of Kim Jong Un. It seems he wants to carry out the testing of the sixth missile and a tentative date could be September 9, the anniversary of the day North Korea came into existence.

To boost the morale of the youth, Kim participated in a photo session in Pyongyang with a gathering consisting of a section of the country's youth troops. It was held at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun which is also the mausoleum of his predecessors namely, his grandfather Kim Il-sung and father, Kim Jong-il.

Is the sixth test in the offing?

Daily Mail UK reports about satellite images that would tend to suggest that North Korea is ready to carry out yet another nuclear test which could happen on the state's anniversary on September 9. It would be the sixth such test and would mean that Kim Jong Un is not bothered about the sanctions that the UN has imposed on it.

The tension between the two countries escalated after a missile flew over Japan which is an ally of the United States.

In the opinion of experts, satellite images of North Korea’s nuclear test site reveal the readiness of the facility to conduct a test at short notice. Aerial monitoring of the location has shown movements. The date of the next test could be September 9 because the same date was chosen last year for its fifth nuclear test and it is of particular significance to North Korea because it is its Founder’s Day.

What are the options available?

The situation in the Korean peninsula is tense, and both North Korea and the United States are brandishing their nuclear might while the world waits to see who will make the first move. No one wants to be involved in a conflict where nuclear weapons would be used and, hence, diplomacy must be given a chance.

One option suggested by Japan is to impose more sanctions on Pyongyang. The latest round of sanctions had targeted export of coal, and Japan feels that additional sanctions could be added to the list to cover North Korean laborers working abroad, apart from its oil supplies and textile exports. The intention is to exert economic pressure.

Another option is to have a dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang. That could ease the tension, and China and Russia could play a significant role as mediators to resolve the crisis. They could influence the decisions of Kim Jong Un and bring him to the table for discussions. The time has come when all concerned leaders must unite to prevent a catastrophe.