Thousands of people in the Philippines engaged in protests to express their dissatisfaction over the use of Martial Law to fight extremism. Protesters marched in the streets of Manila while shouting "never again to martial law" according to BBC Asia. The Philippines recently marked its 45th anniversary of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos's announcement of martial law in the country. Duterte earlier declared that there would be a national day of protests and ordered all public schools and government offices shut. Protestors claim that martial law goes against human rights and that innocent citizens could be victims of police brutality.

Duterte's war on Islamic extremists

Duterte declared martial law in the Philippines after extremists abducted a Catholic priest and some of his followers in the southern part of the country. A local police chief of the city of Marawi was also beheaded on that day. The extremists hoisted ISIL flags and burned buildings as they captured some parts of the country. "The battle of Marawi" which began on May 23 this year coincided with the announcement of martial law by the president.

To date, the Philippine government is fighting Islamic militants who want sharia law declared in the country. 151 soldiers have been killed so far while 1,400 have been wounded. The Philippine government with the help of the U.S, Australia, and the Chinese government have managed to kill 680 militants since the beginning of the insurgents.

The conflict has caused the evacuation of 180,000 people while 84,000 have been displaced. Islamic militant groups in the Philippines affiliated themselves to ISIL, and their primary goals are to have sharia laws introduced in the country.

Duterte's war on drugs

Duterte is also criticised for his tough war on drugs without considering the law.

He once claims to have received death threats due to his War on Drugs. In 2009 he once stated that he would assassinate those engaging in drug activities when he is Mayor. He also vowed to kill more than 100,000 criminals once is elected as president. In his April 27 campaign speech to business leaders, Duterte stated that his leadership will be "a bloody one," and that he would pardon police and soldiers accused of human rights abuses.

He also said that he would forgive himself for his mass murders before his term ends. Duterte had once admitted to the BBC that he had killed three people when he was Mayor of Davao. Over 60,000 drug addicts surrendered themselves to the government a few weeks after Duterte became president.