Following the terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in Catalonia, Spain a week ago, which saw 15 people dead and more than 100 injured, ISIS has released an Online Video warning of further attacks to come. Meanwhile, Barcelona is tightening security in popular tourist spots following the van attack in La Rambla.

Islamic State (ISIS) releases video warning to Spain

The video, included below, shows an ISIS member, speaking in Spanish with an Arabic accent. Translated to English, the spokesperson is saying that if Allah is willing, “Al Andalus” will return to what it originally was, as part of the "caliphate." When southern and central Spain was controlled by Muslims for over five centuries in the past, the territory was given the name “Al Andalus,” before the Spanish claimed it back.

The jihadist speaking in the video goes on to say if their followers can’t make the journey to the Islamic State, they should carry out their jihad where they are, as their terror has no borders. The man was identified on the video as being Abu Lais Al Qurduri, which translates to Abu Lais “of Cordoba.” Cordoba is the Andalusian city that was originally the Moorish capital during the Muslim occupation.

The man then goes on to remind Spanish Christians of the Muslim blood that was spilled in the Spanish inquisition, saying they will take revenge for that massacre, as well as the current attacks against ISIS.

Jihadist of Moroccan and Spanish birth

Police sources have revealed that the man speaking in the video is actually Muhammad Yasin Ahram Pérez, 22, who hails from Cordoba.

Ahram’s father, 42-year-old Abdelah Ahram is of Moroccan nationality and is currently in a Tangier prison for his role in radical terrorism. The man’s mother is Tomasa Pérez, a Spaniard from Malaga in southern Spain. She and Ahram left Spain in 2014 with their six children to live in an Islamic State-controlled area of Syria.

Security tightened up at Barcelona tourist spots

Meanwhile, following the brutal terror attack in Barcelona, authorities are tightening up security at all popular tourist sites in the city. As reported by The Local, this follows after one of the suspects said in court on Tuesday that they had planned on carrying out a far more extensive attack in the city with explosives and gas bottles, involving a major monument.

Police believe one of their targets was the iconic Sagrada Familia temple in the city. As reported previously, their plans were foiled after an explosion in their bomb factory in a house in the Catalan city of Alcanar.

Related terror threat in the Netherlands

In other recent news, a concert in Rotterdam in the Netherlands featuring the American band Allah-Las was canceled due to a “terror threat.” Spanish police had warned of an impending attack and Rotterdam police found a van, with Spanish plates and full of gas cylinders, parked close to the building where the concert was to have been held.