A union has claimed that Law Enforcement Officers in the United States are victims of a spreading ''Blue racism'' trend in the country.

Police are human

In a promotional video dubbed ''blue racism,'' the New York Police department says that because police officers are blue, they are increasingly getting vilified.

In a post beneath the promotional film, Ed Mullins, the president of the NYPD's Sergeants' Benevolent Association, said that never in his life has he witnessed divisions of all people in the United States. He added that this division is now even impacting the members of the United States Law Enforcement Agencies.

The NYPD ''blue racism'' video mixes images of protesters and acts of violence against police officers. It also shows news footage of law enforcement personnel assisting their communities.

The caption on the ''blue racism'' clip goes on to say that the average US citizen does not see the things that make cops human. It adds that people don't label police officers as being Latino, African-American, or Caucasian. Instead, the video claims, people tend to see cops through a broader stereotype and a lens clouded by racial bias. It says that when people look at law enforcement officers, they see ''blue.''

The NYPD promotional clip added that this 'strange' form of racism continues to grow in the United States.

The film went on to claim police officers have been discriminated against by politicians, college professors, community activists, and merchants in the United States.

The 'blue racism' clip quotes the famous speech, '' I have a dream,'' by Dr. Martin Luther King..

Need to address violence against officers

According to Fox News, Mullins admitted that some Americans could be offended by the term ''blue racism.'' He, however, added that it is important to make the statement to further discussion on the issue of hate against police officers.

The ''blue racism'' video seems to be aimed at pushing against anti-police sentiment in the United States. The police gunning down of Michael Brown in Ferguson has increased public apathy towards law enforcement agencies. The Missouri shooting took place three years ago.

Police have been criticized for violence perpetrated in various encounters with members of the public.

The scenes have often been recorded on camera and posted on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

As a result, law enforcement officers in many forces including the NYPD now have cameras that record their activities while on duty.