North Korea is known to be in possession of nuclear weapons, and it keeps threatening to nuke the United States and, there are doubts that it also has chemical weapons. These can result in mass scale deaths and are banned by international laws, and the unpredictable nature of the leadership of North Korea is a matter of concern. Therefore, the U.S. and South Korea have conducted a mock drill to familiarize people of the actions to be taken in case of a chemical weapon attack.

The venue was the subway in Seoul, and the purpose was to ensure that people are made aware of the do’s and don’ts in case of such an attack.

The participants were military persons, but many curious onlookers and commuters got the message. The drill was undertaken as a part of the joint annual military exercises.

Threats of North Korea

Sky News reports that North Korea appears to have been unnerved by the annual military drill between the U.S. and South Korea because it perceives it as a preparation to invade the country. However, those who conduct the exercises always insist that these are meant to share knowledge and keep the men and machines fighting fit.

It is an annual affair but, this year, Pyongyang has reacted strongly and has threatened serious consequences for the American involvement in military and security drills in South Korea.

This could be attributed to the “fire and fury” statement of Donald Trump.

Kim Jong Un has already threatened to nuke the United States and has indicated few probable locations, and if he does have chemical weapons, the situation could have serious repercussions.

Unrest in the Korea peninsula remains

It appears to be a fight between the United States and North Korea and Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, the two leaders involved, continue to rattle sabers while tension mounts all over the whole world.

The UN has imposed fresh sanctions on the North and Trump has tried to find a solution through diplomatic means. He already has South Korea and Japan on his side and wanted China to play a more proactive role. However, the revelation of chemical weapons in the hands of North Korea would mean new strategies would have to be drawn up.

Both the ICBM and chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction and while the US has positioned warships in the vicinity and there is a missile defense system THAAD available in Seoul, these may not be in a position to nullify threats of a chemical warfare. Under the circumstances, the military drill in Seoul’s subway is timely but, the authorities must take necessary action to advise its population about this possible threat.