Transgender Americans will be allowed to continue serving in the military, until after the Defense Department makes its recommendation on President Donald Trump's order to ban them.

A study on effects of a ban on transgenders

According to USA Today, United States Secretary of State James Mattis said that he would convene a council of experts to study the effects of banning transgenders from serving in the US military, and suggest a way forward on the best course of action for the army's battle effectiveness resulting in victory during a war.

The US official added that for now, the current policy in respect to transgenders serving in the military remains in effect.

The current US system allows transgenders to serve without concealing their sexual orientation. Trump's announcement that members of the transgender community would no longer be authorized to serve as US soldiers caught the military top brass by surprise, and he followed it up by last week signing an executive order making official his decision to ban transgender military soldiers.

According to The Independent, in addition to prohibiting transgenders from serving in the American military, Trump's decision would bar the United States military from paying for gender change medical procedures.

Trump's move has been backed by certain sections of the Republican party. However, military bosses have revealed their reluctance to support the US leader, arguing that transgender soldiers pose little or no adverse effect on army cohesion and effectiveness.

Trump's order has also resulted in several lawsuits filed on behalf of current and future US military soldiers.

Gender identity should not be an issue in the US military

Several Democrats in the US Congress have urged the Trump government to reconsider its controversial decision. Trump's initial tweet was met by resistance from 50 Democrats, who penned a letter to Secretary Mattis urging him to ignore the unconstitutional directive which Trump was likely to issue.

This week, 143 Democrats in Congress sent a letter to Trump, describing his plan as "ill-advised" and detrimental to the security of the United States.

Tammy Duckworth, a military veteran who lost both her legs during combat, also criticized Trump's ban on transgender troops.

Duckworth, who is also a US Senator, stated that during the moments in her army career where it mattered the most, she did not care for the gender of the identity of the soldiers trying to save her life.

She voiced her conviction that any individual willing risk their lives for the United States, they should be allowed to serve, without consideration for their gender identity or sexual orientation.