Pyongyang appears to be immune to UN sanctions, and in spite of fresh embargo on its trade, it continues to be defiant. U.S. military has confirmed that North Korea fired as many as three short-range missiles and, all were successful. This is an indication that Kim Jong Un is determined to go ahead with his agenda.

According to Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missiles flew for a distance of about 155 miles and the military authorities of South Korea and the United States were analyzing the details. Cmdr. David Benham, a spokesman for U.S. Pacific Command, added that launch was done over a 30-minute period and there was no threat to the United States or its assets in Guam.

Reactions from South Korea

Fox News reports that North Korea had threatened to nuke the United States and had identified the island of Guam as a probable target. The latest missile exercise is the first known launch since July, and South Korea is worried. Its presidential office held a National Security Council meeting to discuss the issue because the North has already conducted tests on its intercontinental ballistic missiles. In the opinion of experts, these could reach the U.S. mainland.

President Donald Trump has been apprised of the latest missile launch of North Korea which has come shortly after the start of the annual joint military exercises between U.S. and South Korean forces. North invariably brands these as preparation for war.

In order to counteract the threats posed by North Korea’s nuclear programs, Seoul is keen to strengthen its defense capabilities and is in talks with the US on related issues. It wants to deploy additional launchers to the THAAD anti-missile defense system.

When will the tension end?

North Korea has kept the whole world guessing on its next line of action.

Since China is its main ally, President Donald Trump had wanted President Xi Jinping to play a pivotal role in resolving the tense situation. The economy of North Korea depends mostly on business dealings with China and Trump wanted Jinping to end trade with Pyongyang as a part of the implementation of the UN sanctions.

Unless Kim Jong Un ends his nuclear ambition and agrees to come for discussions, the threats of a major confrontation with the United States will remain.

It is not the first time that North Korea has faced sanctions and, it has been able to finance its nuclear weapon projects that include ICBMs. The latest successful launch of three short range missiles within half an hour is significant.