The New York Times claims that United States Vice President Mike Pence could be preparing to break ranks with Donald Trump and take a shot at the presidency. But now, Pence has denied the reports, terming them as offensive and disgraceful.

Pence has been offended by the Times claims

In a statement, Pence said that Saturday's article in the New York Times was offensive to him, his family, and the entire Trump team. The VP added that the claims are false, and are the media's latest attempt to sow division in President Donald Trump's administration.

Pence was reacting to an article in the New York Times that touched on an increase in his political activities in recent weeks. The Times expounded on the Vice President's recent decision to create his political action committee. Pence has also held meetings with Republican donors at his private home. According to the report in the Times, Pence's advisers have indicated that he could vie for the presidency in 2020 if Donald Trump decides not to seek a second term in office.

However, the White House reacted swiftly to deny these claims. On Twitter, Marc Loster, Pence's spokesperson, lashed out at what he said was fake news and petty fabrications on the part of the media. Pence issued his statement after Loster's denial on the social media site and condemned the Time's report as laughable and absurd.

The VP stated that even if fake news about him continues to be published, he and his team will focus all their energy to advance President Donald Trump's agenda, and help him get re-elected in 2020 to a second spell in the White House.

Pence has been active politically

Despite his vehement denial, Pence has been more active than previous holders of the office.

He has been a speaker at major Republican Party events and has also hired Nick Ayers, a highly known political strategist, as his chief of staff. Ayers has dismissed the claims of a possible Pence candidacy as a total lie. Other Republican politicians eyeing the presidency are reportedly watching Pence's every move. Speaking to the Times, veteran Washington lobbyist Charles R Black said that the other potential candidates see the VP meeting donors, and are aware they have to keep up with him.

Whether or not Pence makes a run for the US presidency in 2020, there are many other Republicans who seem eager to throw their hats into the race. One of the potential candidates is Senator Tom Cotton, who last week appeared with President Trump to popularize his immigration policy. Senator Cotton is arranging a $5,000 per person fundraiser, which will be held next month in New York.