U.S. President Donald Trump gained popularity in a rather unusual and illegal way after german police seized approximately 5,000 Ecstasy pills shaped like Trump’s head. As noted by the New York Daily News, the orange pills are aimed to “make partying great again” and have a street or darknet value of $45,800.

Two Austrians arrested with thousands of ecstasy pills with Donald Trump’s face

Osnabrück highway police arrested two Austrians, a 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son after a highway traffic stop revealed five bags containing thousands of the orange-colored Trump-faced pills and a large amount of cash.

The driver and his son were heading to Austria at the time of the traffic stop.

The front of the pills is designed in the likeness of the U.S. president, while the surname Trump is engraved on the reverse side of the pills. The driver told the highway police that they were heading to Austria after visiting the Netherlands to buy a car, but the deal had reportedly fallen through. However, once police found the stash of drugs and the cash, they were taken into custody. As reported by Deutsche Welle, the Trump ecstasy pills are up for sale online on the darknet.

Trump and IKEA ecstasy pills on the U.K. market

This isn’t the first time the orange ecstasy pills have reared their orange heads, however, as back in July the U.K. media was covering a story about the pills being trafficked from Amsterdam to the U.K. Those pills came in pink and orange and reportedly had extremely high levels of MDMA, making them potentially dangerous to users.

The Trump pills were the latest in “novelty” ecstasy pills entering the darknet market, with IKEA pills also on sale. The Metro reports that in June warnings were sent out by police over the IKEA-designed ecstasy pills after an 18-year-old user, Kyle Pringle, died from taking the drug. The Metro report also stated that U.K.

experts are warning the public that the pills are becoming stronger, with higher levels of MDMA, leading to an increase in users being hospitalized for both behavioral and mental issues.

It’s all about who has the ‘coolist pill’

That report quoted a source that said that there are a variety of pills available these days with different brands and names to attract buyers, and it's all about who has the “coolist pill.”

The source said the “Donald Trumps” are very popular due to who they represent. They added that people may think it strange that they can buy “E” in the likeness of the U.S. president, but it turns out that they can.