President Donald Trump expressed a desire that since china is the largest ally of North Korea, Chinese president Xi Jinping could exert economic pressure on Pyongyang. That is finally happening because China has realized that the threat of a nuclear confrontation between the United States and North Korea was increasing. The utterances of Kim Jong Un were ominous and spelled danger that had to be prevented for the larger interests of the world.

Therefore, China has decided to stop the import of coal, iron ore, fish, and other goods from North Korea as part of the implementation of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council.

Probable loss to North Korea

Sky News reports that the purpose of the UN sanctions is to block exports from North Korea to the tune of approximately $1bn, which equals nearly one third of its total exports. The Chinese government has said that the implementation would begin on September 5. China made the decision as the top brass in the United States military were weighing available options against Kim Jong Un’s regime in case of the failure of diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions.

It may be recalled that China is a member of the UN Security Council and supported the new resolution to impose fresh sanctions on Pyongyang as a retaliatory measure for its programs associated with the development of nuclear weapons.

Sanctions have been imposed on North Korea several times and yet it has still gone ahead with its missile programs.

Will the new strategy succeed?

China is the closest ally of North Korea, and its missile tests have led to the possibility of a direct encounter between it and the United States. This is not a desirable situation and President Xi Jinping has called for restraint on both sides.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is also in favor of a peaceful solution because he does not want another war on the Korean Peninsula.

The ball is now in the court of Kim Jong Un. His main ally China previously indicated that in the case of a war it would remain neutral. It has now decided to implement the UN sanctions. Therefore, North Korea appears to be totally isolated and would have to fight its battle on its own strength.

Kim Jong Un's single item on his agenda is to attack America, and he has threatened to fire missiles into waters off the coast of Guam. It could coincide with the annual drills that are carried out by the US and South Korean forces scheduled later in the month. However, the loss of support of its main ally could play a decisive role in the final outcome.