Mary Grams, 84, of Canada was heartbroken when she lost her diamond Engagement Ring back in 2004, but it has finally turned up – with a carrot growing around it – and even better, it still fits.

Woman loses engagement ring while pulling weeds

People always talk “carats” when discussing diamonds, but in this case “carrot” is the buzz word. The Telegraph reports that Grams had been given the diamond engagement ring in 1951, the year before she married her husband, Norman, who died five years ago, just a month after they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

However, Grams lost the ring in 2004 and believes it was while pulling weeds from a Garden Bed on the family’s Armena, Alberta farm, which they have owned for 105 years. She said she and the family searched on and off for at least a decade, crawling around the farm on their hands and knees, but there was no sign of the ring. Grams thought they may have used a rototiller on the soil or that something had happened to the ring.

Ring turns up wrapped around a carrot

According to CBC News, the diamond ring has finally seen the light of day again. While Grams now lives in Camrose, it was her daughter-in-law who found the ring. Colleen Daley was pulling carrots in the garden on the family farm when she spotted one that looked unusual.

On closer inspection, Daley found the carrot had grown around a diamond ring.

Daley told the Canadian news service that she knew the ring must have belonged to a woman who lived on the farm, and that it had to be either the grandmother or her mother-in-law, as no other women have lived on the farm. She asked her husband if he recognized it.

Her husband immediately said yes and that his mother lost her diamond engagement ring several years ago in the farm’s garden and had been unable to find it.

However Daley would never have expected the ring to turn up on a carrot. Daley said looking at the engagement ring that it fit perfectly around the carrot, almost like it was on a finger.

She said that while it looked pretty weird, it was interesting and that she had never seen anything like that before.

Looking forward to wearing her engagement ring again

As for Grams, it turned out she never told her husband she had lost the engagement ring because she believed he would give her “heck” for losing it. She had gone out quietly and bought a replacement. Now she is thrilled to have the original diamond ring and looks forward to wearing it again. It will likely need a cleanup after being in the garden for so long, but she does say the ring still fits.