Temer has been accused of corruption within just one year of becoming Brazil's President. In December 2016, a businessman named Marcelo Odebrecht confirmed that he paid bribes to the president. Former lawmaker Rodrigo Loures, a close aide, and friend of the president was once seen in a video footage carrying a briefcase that was believed to have contained 150,000 US dollars. On May 17, 2017, secret tape recordings were leaked by a leading Brazilian newspaper that revealed President Temer discussing money payoffs with a manager of the country’s biggest meat-packing firm.

The country's Attorney General

The Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, attended a congressional meeting in Sao Paulo last week and defended himself from criticism that he does not have enough evidence to prosecute President Michel Temer. According to Janot, there is proof of the president's fraudulent actions. The attorney general said that it is not possible for him to get a photograph of the president taking a bribe from another person. Bringing concrete evidence is hard for the attorney general, but what counts is analyzing all the narratives as a whole. According to Janot, when filing a complaint, several reliable and sufficient indications must favor and strengthen a possible criminal action, and only investigations will produce the necessary evidence.

Threats against Janot

At the event in Sao Paulo, the Attorney General commented on his safety. He said that he received several threats. He also stated that he has security guards around him 24 hours and is treating the matter in a professional way.

Janot ended up giving a message to his enemies. He stated that if being alive gives his opponents sleepless nights, they will be more surprised if he dies because allegations against them will worsen.

The prosecutor also said that his enemies are hoping he falls and hits his head while in the bathroom.

The appointment of another Attorney General

Rodrigo Janot has another three months of being in charge of the countries attorney general's office. He intends to run against time so as to reach his goals of fighting those suspected of being beneficiaries of corruption.

If approved by the countries Senate, the deputy attorney general, Raquel Dodge will become the country's new attorney general. Her appointment will have to be approved by the current president. Many prosecutors have already said that if the Senate approves her appointment, they will relinquish their positions. Although Janot has poor relations with the current attorney general, the AG admits that she is a woman with established norms.