Narendra Modi is a dynamic man. He flew to meet Donald Trump in what most political analysists predicted would be a difficult meeting. Modi got along well with the U.S. president and for the first time, a U.S. president specifically asked Pakistan to refrain from terrorist activity. The indian leader is now on the way to Israel for a three-day visit. It will be the first visit by an Indian PM in 25 Years since diplomatic relations were established in 1992 when Narasimha Rao was the prime minister. Modi will land in Israel on 4 July and Israeli Prime Minister Netyanahau has tweeted that he is delighted to welcome his " friend." Modi will continue to the G20 meeting after his Israel visit, CNN International reported.

India and Israel

India recognized Israel in 1950 and a consulate was allowed to be opened in Mumbai in 1953. The Indian-Israel relations went into limbo because of Arab pressure until the Indian PM Narasimha Rao decided to open an embassy in 1992. Full diplomatic relations were established. The then Indian PM is credited for advising the Indian intelligence agencies to take the help of MOSSAD in countering Islamic terrorism. India-Israel cooperation has grown and now India is one of the biggest trading partners of Israel.The Indian Navy is also equipped with the Barak anti-ship missile manufactured in Israel.

Premier Modi will hold extensive talks with his Israeli counterpart. The talks will focus on topics of mutual interest.

Cooperation against radical Islamic terror and Pakistan's role in fomenting terror attacks in Kashmir will be top on the agenda.The Indian leader will also address a crowd of Indian expatriates numbering about 4000 in Tel-Aviv.

Cooperation on the cards

The USA is the closest ally of Israel. Indian sentiment also favors Israel and there is every chance that at least a dozen agreements on counter-terrorism, agriculture, cyber security, Industry, and military will be signed during the visit of Modi.

Both the leaders have met three times before and often talk to each other. This visit will commemorate 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. During the visit, Modi will also meet 10-year-old Moshe and his grandparents. He was the only survivor after the terror attack in 26/11 in Mumbai among the Jewish community.

Modi has broken a new path. For decades Indian leaders were shy of associating with Israel publicly but Modi has taken a step forward and Indian-Israeli cooperation is bound to grow in the years to come.