Chaos is the only word that can describe the current state of affairs in Amman, Jordan, after a shooting in the Israeli Embassy. Three were injured, according to details released by Hala Akhbar, a local news site. Two Jordanians have been confirmed dead, while an Israeli victim remains classified as injured. The news from the region is limited, as Israeli government officials prevent authorities from giving a statement. The shooting is likely retaliation from increased security measures at historical sites and various locations across the region.

The two Jordanian men were described as carpenters, but their connection to the embassy is unclear. No information has been released about the Israeli victim, though unidentified witnesses claim his condition was "unstable".

Security riots

Meanwhile, riots started over the increased security measures in the area. On July 14, three Palestinian gun men were shot by security forces, following the death of two Israeli officers at Jerusalem's al-Asqa mosque, according to Al Jazeera. The gunmen had shot the two officers in a callous way, causing Israeli authorities to evacuate and close the mosque. The government also responded by instituting new security measures, including metal detectors and security cameras in the sacred city.

Several arrests were made, and several Israeli and Palestinian citizens were injured in the riots that followed. The military presence was increased in the West Bank area, though it is unclear whether or not the added security will discourage future attacks. @Israel Hatzolah tweeted an image purportedly showing the new metal detectors being burnt by Palestinian rioters in Bethlehem.

The city of Jerusalem serves as a holy site for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim believers, and is a place of intense conflict.

Air strikes

An account titled "Gaza West Bank" announced the launch of a missile from the Gaza Strip Region into Southern Israel, which was confirmed by Sputnik News.

The Israel News feed also tweeted that a missile fired from the Gaza Strip had landed in Israel with no casualties. Approximately an hour later, a second tweet announced that the country responded with the bombing of various Gaza Strip targets. Some have speculated that Israel will be able to easily dominate the region in any extended conflict.

The launch adds to the violence in the area.

There has been no report of whether or not the bombing has damaged the Gaza Strip area. Israel has increased efforts to develop military weapons in recent years. AirSource Military released an overview of their "David's Sling" weapons technology, though it has not been reported if these missiles were used in the ongoing airstrikes.

Why the U.S. will be involved soon

President Donald Trump made a campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem if he was elected. Though many campaign promises have gone unanswered, Washington politicians like Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz have continued to push for this action. Prior presidents have cited security concerns, but Trump promised not to be deterred. The now raging violence poses a threat to a bipartisan alliance and the action of moving the Embassy, itself.