Donald Trump, the next US president, has been inconsistent in many of his statements. However, on the issue of shifting the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, he has shown a consistency all through.

The US has already recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move to shift the embassy had been approved in 1995 Jerusalem embassy act. But a waiver was granted by all presidents to delay the shifting of the embassy because of the volatile atmosphere in the region and the Israeli-Palestine conflict. The last exemption was given by President Obama and expires on 1 Jun 2017.

There is speculation that Donald will not renege on this commitment and he could announce the shifting of the embassy to Jerusalem as early as 24 May, which is recognized as " Jerusalem day" by Israel and is a national holiday.

Donald's commitment

Donald Trump throughout his campaign had been making revolutionary pronouncements from debarring Muslims from entering the US, building a wall on the border with Mexico and shifting of the US embassy to Jerusalem. This shifting has alarmed the Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas who has written a letter to important world leaders to pressurize the US not to shift the embassy as Palestine also claims Jerusalem as its capital.

The USA already has a consulate in Jerusalem while the main embassy is in Tel-Aviv.

Donald has repeatedly said that he favors the shifting of the embassy. Such a move will fulfill a campaign promise, but it will have repercussions. John Kerry, the outgoing secretary of state, has warned against the step.

Last word

Donald may shift the embassy to Jerusalem, but it simply would mean upgrading the consulate which is located in West Jerusalem.

The Arab terror groups like Hamas and ISIS are attacking the US in any case, and by not shifting the embassy the attacks are not going to come down.

However, Donald will have to factor in many inputs regarding the role of the US in the Middle East. Donald's thinking can be gauged from his utterances all through the election campaign, and he may very well act on what he has said. He recently even opposed the US absentation in the Security Council on a contentious resolution on Israeli settlements in the West Bank.