Ever since Moon Jae-In took over control of South Korea, he has talked of bringing normalcy to the region and defuse tension between the two Koreas and proposed a number of possible solutions. He wants it resolved through diplomatic measures and is willing to have talks with Pyongyang. Even After the launch of the latest missile by North Korea, he indicated in Berlin, before the G20 summit, that he and Kim Jong-un could meet at any time or place.

In view of these developments, the Defense Ministry of South Korea has taken the initiative to propose holding talks at the military representative level.

The venue proposed is in Panmunjom which is the so-called truce village in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and the probable date selected is July 21. The significance of proposing this date is because the 64th anniversary of the truce, which effectively ended the Korean War in 1953, falls on July 27.

The new strategy of South Korea

According to CNN, the purpose of the proposed talks at Panmunjom would be to put an end to activities that are perceived to be hostile in nature and add to the tension. Earlier this month, the Deputy Defense Minister of South Korea had indicated that his government proposed an end to hostile acts along the Military Demarcation Line.

It may be recalled that North Korea had taken the world by surprise when it carried out the first successful test of an ICBM on July 4 and claimed that it could "reach anywhere in the world." However, analysis of its performance by experts has concluded that it could reach Alaska and Moon Jae-in branded this action of Pyongyang as "disappointing" and "reckless." In his opinion, the situation is tense and there is a need for a dialogue.

Reconciliation efforts

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea wants to improve relations with the North. He has suggested that combined teams of North and South could participate in international sports events. He has also postponed the deployment of the American THAAD missile detection system and, to reduce tension with the North, has now extended an olive branch to Pyongyang.

As a part of this strategy, a proposal for talks has been put up. The South Korean Red Cross has come forward to request its Northern counterpart to hold talks at Panmunjom on August 1 to discuss humanitarian issues including cross-border family reunions. However, North Korea is not wavering from its stand. Its foreign ministry has said that, if additional sanctions are imposed on it by the UN Security Council because of the test-launch of its ICBM, it would not remain quiet.

U.S. President Donald Trump wanted China to intervene and impress upon Kim Jong-un to shelve his missile programs but that has not worked out. The peace efforts of South Korea also appear to be non-starters and the adamant attitude of North Korea is becoming a matter of concern for the whole world.