Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said in a statement on Sunday that four men were arrested related to a foiled terror plot, reportedly set to bring down a Plane. While authorities said the plot was “Islamist-inspired,” they did not link the plan to any specific terror group.

Terror attack with ‘improvised device’ planned

According to WHNT 19 News, Andrew Colvin, the Australian Federal Police Commissioner said authorities had become aware of a group of people in Sydney who were allegedly making plans to carry out a terror attack using an “improvised device” to bring down a aircraft.

Federal police, along with the New South Wales Police Force, launched raids in four different Sydney suburbs, rounding up the four terror suspects who are now in custody. Colvin said they have not yet been charged. Colvin did not mention a specific date or location for the terror threat, but said it was something that needs full investigation.

Significant departure from previous ‘lone actor’ threats

As noted by the Sydney Morning Herald, the latest arrests are a significant departure from previous “lone actor” attacks in Australia, inspired by Islamic State. That report says the men who were arrested were mostly middle-aged and were involved in an “elaborate” plot to bring down a plane with an improvised explosive device.

Reportedly during their search on Saturday, bomb squad officers had uncovered a home-made bomb in the Surry Hills area.

Australian airport security to be boosted

After the uncovering of the terror plot and the arrest of the four suspects, Australia’s airport security will be ramped up.

Colvin said on Sunday they are taking the plot very seriously as they believe the terror threat to be “credible” and that there was not only an intention to commit a terror attack, but likely also a capability.

Officials are launching additional checks on passengers’ carry-on and checked baggage and additional screening of passengers.

Longer queues and changes to check-in times are now expected to be experienced at Sydney Airport, as well as airports in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth airports.

Terror suspects named

The terror suspects were named as Abdul Merhi, Khaled Merhi, Mahmoud Khayat and Khaled Khayat, who were arrested in four different areas of the city. The terror suspects share family links and have also been linked to former terror plots and established networks in the area.