People from the United States and other countries were alarmed by the reports that North Korea has been launching ballistic missiles. As a result of the testing, a businessman named Nathan Stewart from Adelaide, Australia is rebuilding his Bomb Shelter for his security.

Stewart’s bomb shelter

Stewart stated that if North Korea has the ability to launch long-range nuclear missiles, the bomb shelter provides a safer place to go. This is the reason why he is rebuilding the bomb shelter. He will restore the shelter and make it fully operational again.

7 News reported that the bomb shelter was previously owned by Kym Bonython in the 1970s. It was built with a living room, two bathrooms, and a kitchen.

It was originally made from German materials. Stewart will improve the place to provide convenience and equip the latest technology to make sure it is safe and sealed properly. He plans to add concrete walls, a generator, and air vents, with a year's supply of food and water.

North Korea’s nuclear missiles

Korean Central Television reported last Tuesday that Pyongyang conducted five nuclear missile tests. The first was in 2006, second in 2009, third in 2013, and the fourth and fifth was in 2016. North Korea is preparing for a sixth test and their leader Kim Jong Un make sure that the latest missile can reach any part of the world.

These latest bomb tests have spread fear throughout the world and are seen as a threat by North Korea. People like Nathan Stewart are doing what they believe is the right thing by being ready for the possible nuclear missile attacks from North Korea.

In Japan, offices are conducting bomb drills while in Texas there is an increase of the sales in luxury bomb shelter of 700 percent because of the fear of possible missile threats from North Korea.

Most of these bomb shelters are multi-million dollar shelters with complete satellite TV and toilets. An opinion poll was done in Japan and resulted in 90 percent of the people claiming they were worried about the North Korean possible missile attacks and 54 percent of them said they are greatly worried.

Japan’s main line of defense now is their THAAD or military anti-missile systems known as Aegis Ashore.

With all the efforts of different governments, it is important for people not to panic and be calm.

Rising S Co. general manager Gary Lynch believe that in this time of crisis, there are two types of people; the ones that voted Trump and are worried that riots could happen and social or civil unrest is possible and people who did not vote for him and are thinking that the president would probably start a war with North Korea.