The folks at NASA are familiar with the conspiracy theory that men never went to the moon and that it was faked on a sound stage, likely by Stanley Kubrick. Now, however, a couple of other theories have risen from the media ooze concerning Mars, still the official target of NASA deep space exploration. The space agency has been obliged to deny both Conspiracy theories.

NASA is faking the Mars rover missions in Canada

The first conspiracy theory has NASA faking missions like Mars Curiosity on Canada’s Devon Island, a desolate place where groups regularly practice Mars surface operations.

Sites have arisen on YouTube and Reddit that examine images returned from the Martian surface and claim to have seen "proof" that they were actually taken on Earth. They claim to see everything from a Walrus bone to an "Arctic lemming" in some of the Curiosity pictures.

Other bizarre Martian conspiracy theories out there

Robert David Steele, a former CIA case officer (or so he claims) and former candidate for president of the Reform Party in 2012 and Libertarian Party in 2016, was on the Alex Jones Show recently where he posited a strange conspiracy theory. He suggested that NASA is operating a secret base on Mars that is staffed by kidnapped Child Sex Slaves. Not only are these kids being forced to work on Mars but they are having their blood and bone marrow harvested.

The space agency has been obliged to deny this bizarre story.

Alex Jones, as many may remember, was on Megyn Kelley’s NBC show recently where the former Fox New host hammered him on one of his more obnoxious conspiracy theories involving the Sandy Hook massacre, Jones was also praised by President Donald Trump when he was a candidate and also interviewed on Jones’ show.

NASA has noted that, while it has rovers rolling about the surface of Mars, no human being has ever visited the Red Planet, certainly not kidnapped child sex slaves. People have dreamed of voyaging to Mars for many decades, with the space agency mulling plans to do so since the 1960s. Officially, NASA is embarked on the Journey to Mars that envisions sending humans on interplanetary voyages by the 2030s.

Private groups such as Elon Musk's SpaceX also have Mars ambitions.

The motive for Steele spouting such an off the wall story on national radio is something that is open to question. Was he having Jones on, seeing how much he can push the envelope without the talk show host calling him on it? Or does he really believe in such a bizarre and unlikely scenario?