Sara Zelenak, 21, of Brisbane is one of two Australians who have not been heard from since three attackers drove through pedestrians on London Bridge, before heading into Borough Market and stabbing people at random.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said in a statement Tuesday that Zelenak, an au pair who had taken the night off, was last seen fleeing from knife-wielding attackers on London Bridge. According to the Australian media, four Australians in total were affected by the incident.

Mother in Australia felt a sense of ‘terror’ on finding her daughter is missing

Zelenak’s mother, Julie Wallace told a local Australian radio station that her daughter had been heading over London Bridge for a night out in an area where everyone goes on Saturday nights. She added that Sara had narrowly missed two prior terror incidents.

She said when the policeman was stabbed in the terror attack at Parliament three months ago her daughter had been on that same spot the day before. Wallace said Zelenak had also had plans to go to the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester but didn’t go.

However, when she heard her daughter was missing after the latest London attack, she said she had a sense of “terror.” Saturday’s attack in London saw seven people dead and 48 more injured, leading to Wallace saying she has to travel to London to try and find her daughter.

‘Real concerns’ for two missing Australians after London terror attack

Turnbull confirmed in his news statement that there are “real concerns” for the two Australians missing since the London attacks and authorities are reportedly in close contact with their families.

As reported by the Herald Sun, Pri Goncalves, a friend of Zelenak, told 4KQ in Brisbane that she and Zelenak were together on the London Bridge when the terror began, saying they became separated as everyone started running on the bridge.

When she reached Borough Market, she saw a man stabbing someone and knew something bad was going on. Goncalves tried to phone her friend but she didn’t answer the call and she has been trying to contact Zelenak ever since, with no success.

Second Australian may have gone to the aid of a stabbing victim in London attacks

Kirsty Boden, 28, is the second Australian still missing after the terror attacks.

A health professional, Boden was also reportedly heading over London Bridge to the Borough Market area when it happened. Boden, from Loxton in South Australia, is feared dead as unconfirmed reports say she may have gone to the aid of a victim during the attack.

7News reports there are fears that Boden was one of the so far unidentified victims of the attack, saying it is not clear if she was hit by the white van that plowed through pedestrians on the London Bridge or was a victim of the stabbing attacks. report that the other two Australians affected by the London attacks were Andrew Morrison and Candice Hedge, both of whom are in the hospital, recovering from serious injuries sustained in the attacks.

Blasting News reported Monday that two of the attackers have been identified by London Metropolitan Police as Rachid Redouane and Khuram Shahzad Butt – both residents of Barking in east London.