Donald Trump is the 45th president of America. No matter how hard his opponents worked to hinder him from occupying the White House, they failed. The president and his entire family savored the taste of their victory except for one member: his youngest son Barron Trump.

Even before his father took his oath of office, he was already in the news and as expected he was not spared from negative reports. It can be recalled that his not staying at the White House with his father was scrutinized and reported. He was even reported as having autism. The reason behind was revealed later and it was because of his studies.

At present he lives at the White House with his mom Melania Trump, who is also the subject of a lot of negative reports. The controversial photoshoot of Kathy Griffin holding a replica of the president’s head, which was showed on television, seemed to have greatly affected the 11-year-old boy.

Barron Trump traumatized by Kathy Griffin

Barron Trump was reportedly watching television with his mother when the Kathy Griffin photo was shown. According to TMZ, the young Trump screamed and panicked because he thought the cut head was really his father’s. Barron is yet to recover from the trauma it has caused him.

For her reaction, the First Lady said that what Griffin did was disturbing and questioned her state of mind.

Donald Trump blasted the media practitioner for her lack of good judgement. The comedienne was dropped by CNN in their New Year program as a result of her act as per BBC. Griffin is a hard-hitting critic of the president. She also lost two of her campaign ads – Squatty Potty and Unicorn Gold Bathroom Products.

The photo was posted in a tweet where she described the blood oozing from his eyes.

Due to the backlash she received which include the comment of Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea. Ms. Clinton said that it is not a joke to kill a president. Griffin has already apologized in a statement saying that he has gone too far down the line.

Barron Trump is badly hit by Trump critics

The bulk of the negative effects hurled towards Donald Trump are suffered most by his youngest son Barron.

His young mind cannot comprehend all the happenings around him. The consequences of his father’s victory in the race towards the presidency are hoped by the supporters to not ruin the life of Melania Trump’s son.

Aside from Barron Trump, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are subjects of criticisms because they are visible in the White House. The couple are advisers to the president and also go with him on his travels abroad in behalf of the nation.