North Korea could have already developed a missile that has a long range and could reach the United States mainland and would be waiting to master the technology of installing the nuclear warhead on it. These the revelation of American specialist Jeffrey Lewis to the British tabloid The Sun. Should the country reach that stage, its mission to attack America would become a reality.

Missile launches of North Korea

As reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, Pyongyang has been working patiently to reach a position of strength with regard to the launch of weapons of mass destruction that can travel over long distances.

Its aim was to create weapons that could traverse the length of the Atlantic and to achieve this objective, they kept firing rockets on a regular basis in spite of failures.

As things stand now, Pyongyang appears to be very close to complete its mission of developing a ballistic missile that could reach a target in the United States. If rumors are to be believed, North Korea already has in its kitty a nuclear warhead that can be installed on the missile. However, the million dollar question is whether the warhead would survive the long distance travel from Pyongyang to a destination in the United States. It is easy to build an ICBM, but it is not an easy task to ensure that it delivers the goods and does not explode in midair.

How South Korea views the development

In the opinion of South Korea's defense minister, the developments indicate that the missile programs of its neighbor are progressing at a fast rate. Its activities are monitored regularly by both South Korea and Japan and they agree that the claims of Pyongyang were more or less similar to their own individual assessments.

The bottom line is that the rockets are flying higher and traveling longer distances and this is a matter of concern.

North Korea has disregarded calls from all levels to rein in its weapons programs. It had devoted its energies to come out with a missile that will be mounted with a nuclear warhead and be capable of striking targets in the United States mainland.

Under the circumstances, world leaders have a major role to play. Instead of being observers on the sidelines, they must put aside their differences and dissuade North Korea from going ahead with its diabolical plan. If it does not suspend its nuclear plans, there could be serious repercussions in the Korean peninsula and it could spread to other areas and add to the unrest in the world. The leaders of the world must, therefore, impress upon Pyongyang to discuss and resolve the issues across the table instead of going in for a confrontation.