According to a Fox News piece, London firefighters responded to a large fire Wednesday. The fire was billowing from a large skyscraper known as the Grenfell Tower. Hundreds of first responders rushed to the scene to find the flames engulfing the tower, Fox News reports.

Once responders arrived, what they saw was disturbing. "Nothing can prepare you for seeing this," a witness said. Referring to accounts of the flames and people literally "leaping" from the top floors of the skyscraper. London is in shock as the details of the events unfold. Some are describing the scene as a reminder of 9/11.

People jumping from the upper floors

As the firefighters and ambulance crews arrived, they witnessed large amounts of people jumping to their deaths from the upper floors. This is believed to be due to the lack of ladders extended to the upper floors. One witness described the sounds of "people screaming for help and no one helping."

The shock of people falling to their deaths is expected. In retrospect, During the horrific scene of 9/11, people were in tears as the "jumpers" leaped to their deaths in the shocking display of desperation. At that time, firefighters were being interviews and expressing their shock to see fellow human beings jumping from great heights.

Large number of people missing

Even though there have been survivors and casualties found, there is an even larger number unaccounted for. According to Fox News, that number far exceeds the number found. George Clarke of Amazing Spaces reports that he was all covered in ash even though he was 100 yards away.

London medical teams on the scene have reported to treating 15 for smoke inhalation.

Those 15 have been rushed to a local area hospital for additional treatment. A witness not far from the area said he feared the building would fall. As a matter-of-fact, that is a concern for the engineers who built the Apartment building, Fox reports.


Firefighters do not yet know what sparked the blaze but are working on the cause.

No further information is available at the moment. However, residents from all over London have dedicated their time to donate clothes and water to the crews and survivors of the blaze.

Firefighters with breathing masks are working around the clock to extinguish the flames. What are your thoughts? Do you have information not covered here?We would love to hear about it. Let us know in the comment section below.