There is a study published in Nature Climate Change that should not be underestimated. According to the report, half of the population of the world will experience deadly heat waves at the end of the century. The study revealed that 30% of the world’s population is at risk of dying due to extreme heat.

The conclusion was reached by the researchers after analyzing lethal heat events over a period of 34 years. This data was then used to determine a threshold of the degree of heat that can cause death. They have 783 cases of what is termed as “excess human mortality” from heat events of 164 cities in 36 countries.

They also studied the surface air temperature, wind speed, and humidity in those countries.

Large part of the Earth will suffer deadly heat waves

With the data gathered on what comprise deadly heat in various places, the researchers also studied them in proportion to greenhouse gas emissions. The results are alarming. They found out that despite the intensive reduction of greenhouse gases, by 2100, 27% of the Earth will be at risk of fatal heat with 48% of the world’s population being exposed to this grim condition. Yet, with higher greenhouse gas emissions, the heat is also becoming more intense. This means 74% of the global population will be at risk of dying from extreme heat.

Smithsonian reported that the study points to the year 2100 but, in reality, some parts of the world are already experiencing deadly heat waves.

Some parts of Arizona have been experiencing dangerous heat levels of up to 122 degrees. This has resulted in flight cancellations since the elevated temperature cannot allow aircraft operations. Specialists warn that it can cause second and third-degree burns.

Information dissemination on effects of extreme heat waves will help

Giving the population an urgent warning about the dangers of extreme heat will increase the number of those who will be spared. Researchers warn that the human body may not tolerate such heat level according to Nature Climate Change. The National Center for Atmospheric Research revealed that all weather is now affected by climate change.

Humans can help by reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission by all means.

The world is not only in danger of the deadly heat waves but also of the rising water level caused by climate change. With the Earth’s temperature getting hotter due to the depletion of the ozone layer, there is a rapid thawing of glaciers that cause the water level to rise. This will result in flooding and submersion of residential lands.