chemical weapons are set to return to Syria, as indicated by the White House. President Bashar al-Assad of Syria plans to use them on his enemies and, it seems preparatory work has been undertaken. In an earlier chemical attack this year, at least 80 people lost their lives.

These weapons are the most dreaded ones because they lead to a slow death and people cannot escape even if they hide behind walls. The bomb releases a poisonous gas that affects breathing, eyesight and other symptoms and, ultimately, results in a slow, painful death.

White House has not given any evidence in support of its claims but has warned that the use of chemical weapons could end up with large-scale death of civilians.

If that does happen, it would be a serious matter, and President Assad and his military would have to accept the responsibility. The United States will not remain a silent spectator.

Chemical weapons in Syria

Sky News reports that Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, went a step further and took the Twitter route to inform that, if chemical weapons are deployed again, the blame will have to be taken not only by Syria but also by both Russia and Iran since they support the actions of a leader who slaughters his own people.

There was a chemical weapon attack in April on Khan Sheikhoun and the chemical used was sarin gas. The Syrian regime was blamed for the attack but, it denied responsibility and the United States carried out missile strikes on a Syrian airbase.

President Donald Trump wanted other nations to join the fight and strengthen his hands to end the slaughter of innocents in Syria.

Actions contemplated

In the present scenario, Britain has agreed to step in. British Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has said that his country would support the US if it decides to take action against Syria because use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is illegal.

Britain had supported the previous action of the United States and will do it again if required.

On a query of whether British aircraft or aircrew would be involved, he clarified that it is a hypothetical question but, Britain will always side with the US on this issue.

As a deterrent measure, Washington has already sanctioned more than 270 employees of an agency of the Syrian government who were involved in the development of chemical weapons.

It may be noted that use of chemical weapons in Syria is not new. It was there in the era of the previous regime of Barack Obama. A time bound program had been undertaken to locate the chemicals and destroy them. The complete process was monitored by an independent agency, and it was given to understand that all of them had been destroyed. But – these have, apparently, surfaced again. It needs to be investigated whether any stock was overlooked or whether someone has started to manufacture them again.