The Trump family and Pope Francis are all over the internet world. But more than the historic meeting of the POTUS and the Bishop of Rome, people took notice of the first family's fashion statements during the visit and the pope's glum look in viral photos.

What's with Melania and Ivanka's outfits?

Melania and Ivanka accompanied Donald Trump during the Vatican visit. While there is nothing wrong about that, the two, however, caught the attention of the media for wearing an all-black fashion statement which made them looked like they were attending a funeral.

The first lady and Donald's daughter were even wearing black veils matched with dark makeup. During the photo session with the highest priest, Melania and Ivanka were standing next to the US president who was all smiles, while the other three, including the pope, displayed plain faces.

Earlier reports claimed Donald has a rocky relationship with Pope Francis after the latter questioned the former's Christianity. Therefore, cold chemistry between the was expected during their first meeting. Contrary to the Trump's cheerful and happy image, the highest priest showed a rather civil and plain reaction in front of Donald and his family.

The recent encounter was the opposite of Barrack Obama's meeting with the Pope Francis when he was still the president of the United States.

In fact, Donald's private chat with the pope only lasted for 29 minutes unlike Obama's hour-long conversation with the Bishop of Rome.

'Symbol of Peace'

Despite giving him a cold shoulder during the early stage of the meeting, Pope Francis offered a medallion to Donald as a "symbol of peace." The holy gift was reportedly engraved with a picture of an olive tree.

After handing the medallion to the U.S. president, the pope said that he hoped Donald would bring peace like the olive tree.

Before the two separated, the POTUS promised to remember the words of Pope Francis. He even took to his Twitter to say that he is now more "determined" to make peace all over the world after his meeting with the Pope.

Donald has become the second U.S. president to visit the Vatican to meet Pope Francis.

'No great chemistry'

The Guardian reported that the pope's biographer, Austen Ivereigh, candidly said there was no sign of great chemistry between Donald and Pope Francis during the meeting. Unlike Obama's visit where everyone witnessed their "special" connection, Trump's visit to The Vatican was considered a "solemn occasion" bound by "formality and protocol."