Donald Trump is on a visit to Saudi Arabia and in the course of his speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he drew attention to the fact that majority of victims of terrorism all over the world are the Muslims themselves. His speech was addressed to leaders of more than 50 majority-Muslim nations, and he expressed his opinion that they should join hands to fight the evil that is resulting in untold numbers of vanished dreams. His two-day visit to Saudi Arabia is the first halt overseas after occupying the chair of the president of the United States.

President Trump’s appeal

New Zealand Herald reports that Donald Trump believed Muslims have become the biggest victims of terrorism and went on to elaborate that the Muslim leaders must not shy away from terrorism but confront them. He also drew attention to the victims of terrorist attacks and said that most of them were innocent people who belonged to this section of the population.

He appealed to the audience in Riyadh to take up cudgels against the extremists and drive them out of places of worship and also from the communities. He wanted to convey his suggestion that once such people were isolated in society, it is possible that they could turn over a new leaf and return to the mainstream.

Observers noted that his line of thinking had changed considerably after he became the President because during his presidential campaign he had nursed strong feelings against them. In one of his rallies he had, reportedly, called for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States till such time their intentions were clearly revealed.

Iran remains a problem

In order to win over the people of Riyadh, he reaffirmed that his country wanted peace in the Middle East and would not hesitate to team up with others who share the same interests. However, Iran was a different kettle of fish because, in his opinion, it was imparting training to not only terrorists but other such divisive groups and was a misfit in his setup.

On the subject of terrorism, Donald Trump brought to the forefront various major incidents of repeated attacks like the ones of September 11, followed by the Boston Marathon bombings etcetera. He also dwelt on terror strikes in other parts of the world and highlighted the fact that those who suffered the most were innocent people who were a part of the world of the Arab, Muslim and Middle-Eastern nations. He defined the fight against terrorism as a battle between the good and evil which should not be interpreted as a battle between the West and Islam.

Donald Trump is a business man at heart and knows just how to extract the best possible response from his target audience, a response that will benefit both the parties.

His ideas have changed because of the changes happening around him. He has to go along with the tide which is why he is accepting many ideas now that were once totally unacceptable because he has realized that survival depends on adaptability.