The explosion that was detonated towards the end of Ariana Grande’s Concert at Manchester Arena on Monday night is now being treated as a Terrorist Incident, according to the latest police report. This horrific event has claimed the lives of 19 people with 50 wounded individuals.

According to Ian Hopkins, Greater Manchester Chief Constable, the Police responded to explosion reports at around 10:33 pm on Monday night at Manchester Arena. This was around the time that Ariana Grande’s Concert was almost at a close.

The Constable further added in his statement that the injured individuals during the explosion at Manchester Arena are currently being treated in six different hospitals in Greater Manchester.

However, the identities of those who were killed and injured have not yet been confirmed, as of this writing.

“My thoughts are with all those who have been affected, and we are doing all we can to support them,” said Hopkins.

Since the explosion at Manchester Arena is now being treated as a terrorist incident, the Greater Manchester police are now working closely with both UK intelligence partners and national #counterterrorism policing network. Plus, they are also working closely and coordinating efforts with GMP headquarters.

Hopkins urges the public to avoid the scene so as not to disturb any police investigation. An emergency number (0161 856 9400) has been provided for individuals whose relatives and loved ones were at Ariana Grande’s concert.

The police also seek the public’s support and urge to remain vigilant and to contact the anti-terrorist hotline at 0800 789321 for any related concerns.

Cause of the explosion and political connections

Following the incident, the Manchester police have not released word as to the main cause of the blast that shook and caused panic and chaos among concert goers, which included many children.

Unconfirmed reports allegedly point to a possible suicide bomber who might have detonated the explosive.

Reports also indicate that the explosion could have some ties to UK’s General Election, which is just two weeks away and wherein the current British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to win. The campaign for the said election has been suspended, following the incident.

Ariana Grande’s Thursday concert unconfirmed

Joseph Carozza, Grande’s publicist, had said that the 23-year-old singer is “OK,” although TMZ paints a different picture. According to the entertainment website, the singer is “in hysterics” when she learned that there 19 people died in her concert.

Also, the Ariana Grander's Thursday show at the O2 Arena, London, is still unconfirmed, as of this writing, because the singer is “in no condition to perform.” And the concert may “constitute a safety threat.”