"Anonymous" uploaded a video on YouTube where they made some alarming warnings. The group of hackers claim that the Third World War will begin in the next two years as a result of the tensions in the Korean Peninsula, writes The Independent.

Alarming video by Anonymous

The group of hackers has uploaded a video called "They are preparing for what comes next (WW3 2017-2018)" on their YouTube official account.

In the video which lasts about 6 minutes, a person wearing a black cloak and a Guy Fawkes mask explains how the actions of the nations (including the US, China, and Japan, currently involved in the tensions between North Korea and South Korea) indicates the fact that a total war can happen very soon.

The digitally altered voice from Anonymous claims that all the signs indicate a war stands out in the Korean Peninsula and it's easy to see how each country moves their strategic pieces to the area.

A devastating third world war

The hackers warned people to prepare for what is going to happen. They suggested that this conflict would be globally devastating, both at the environmental and economic levels. The hackers are sure that there are all the signs of a possible war in the Korean Peninsula. They argue that the war would be a fierce, brutal and rapid battle.

Global consequences

The Anonymous' voice claimed this is a real war that will have global consequences. Three superpowers will be involved in this war.

The voice also said that other nations will be forced to choose on whose side they are.

Reports where China suggests its citizens leave North Korea are quoted in the video. They also talk about the recent US tests with the intercontinental ballistic missiles Minuteman III and also the military deployments from Australia.

The hackers say that the Chinese are desperate to avoid a war.

From an economic point of view, this would be a step back because the state faces an influx of refugees and the very real threat of a devastating war.

The group wondered if Japan — a potential target for North Korean's missiles and a US ally, would prevent an attack on the Kim Jong regime. The hackers mentioned Donald Trump who said it would be an honor to meet with Kim Jong.

Anonymous is a group who started their activity in 2003. They proclaimed themselves internet vigilantes in the service of the citizens. The video ends with the message "Get ready for what's next," followed by the slogan "We are Anonymous. We are the Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. "