The United States, Russia, and China made strategic movements of its military over the past week in reaction to growing tension in North Korea and Syria. Friction among these military powers is growing high as they teeter along the thin line between cooperation or war.

The United States and its position against Syria and North Korea

The United States is the most active of the three superpowers today. In just one month, the US military had bombed Syria with Tomahawk missiles after Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons and dropped MOAB on ISIS caves in Afghanistan.

Now that North Korea is becoming more vocal on its threat of laying waste to America, Trump ordered a naval force contingent to the Korean peninsula.

However, Trump's chess move became a PR blunder as the naval contingent he threatened Pyongyang with wasn't even going to Chinese waters in the first place. It is now known that the USS Carl VinsonUSS was scheduled for naval exercise with Australia at not to Korea as Trump told in his press conference.

Recent statements released by Defense secretary James Mattis admits to the confusion but continued to reiterate that the aircraft carrier was indeed headed north of the Korean Peninsula and will arrive earlier next week.

The communication blunder briefly angered South Korea stating publicly that bluffs will only embolden the idea that the US is not resolute on its foreign policies.

This blunder also became the laughing stock of political analysts worldwide and received a massive amount of ridicule on social media.

Russia 'pinging' US defenses in Alaska and seemingly aiding Syrian air force

Russian bombers were intercepted by US jets off the coast of Alaska last April 19. The move was thought to be a 'pinging' strategy, aiming to test the response rate of the US air defense against such a threat.

At the moment there is still no official statement from the Kremlin about the reasons for the bombers flying close to the Alaskan border. F-22 jets was reported to have scrambled to intercept the bombers, but only to escort the bombers until they were considerably far from the boundary.

Russia also made maneuvers in Syria in the past week.

Being a staunch ally of Syria, Moscow allowed Assad's jets to relocate in Russia's airbase also in Syria to protect it from US military action. The move clearly shows Russia's stand over the Syrian conflict, making it hard for the US to press its might over the region.

China mobilizes its air force after North Korea and US tension worsen

After the heated exchange of threats between North Korea and the United States, China has reportedly put its air force on alert. Beijing reportedly ordered missile capable bombers on high alert in response to the start of the US-South Korean military exercise.

North Korea has recently threatened preemptive strikes at the US if provoked. North Korea, which is suspected to have successfully created nuclear weapons continues to be a thorn in the side of the US and its relationship with Asia.