President Donald Trump is approaching the issue of North Korea and its nuclear weapon program with caution. He and Chinese President Xi Jinping had discussed the matter in Florida and Trump would like his counterpart to force North Korea into submission. While pre-emptive military strikes have not been ruled out, alternate methods need to be explored.

The national security aides of President Trump have carried out a total review of various available options, and these include economic sanctions and military measures. However, the thinking appears to be to go for sanctions and, at the same time, increase pressure on Beijing to help the cause by putting some sort of rein on North Korea.

The U.S. line of action

According to The Independent, the USS Carl Vinson with its support ships will leave Singapore and head towards the Korean peninsula. President Donald Trump has contacted South Korea and apprised its acting President, and the two of them have agreed to remain in close contact on the issue. Incidentally, the US Navy's Third Fleet was diverted from its previous assignment.

This strike group is deployed from San Diego and was associated with a number of exercises with the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force and the Republic of Korea Navy. These exercises pertained to activities related to maritime security initiatives apart from routine patrol duties in the South China Sea.

The reason for the preparedness is the fact that 15th April is a significant day for North Korea since it happens to be the 105th birthday of the country’s founding president.

There are apprehensions that Kim Jong-Un could use this opportunity to carry out another nuclear test.

The future appears hazy

Incidentally, North Korea wants to put up a bold face after the United States sent its missiles to destroy an airbase in Syria in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib. North Korea wants to show its indifference and adds that it is ready for any eventuality, including war, with the United States.

It is a fact that North Korea has been testing its missiles and threatening America but the success rate is nothing to boast about because many of its attempts have been failures.

However, it is difficult to predict which way the wind will blow because China is a major factor who must play a crucial role in order to arrive at a peaceful solution.

If a nuclear weapon falls into the wrong hands, it can create havoc and destruction and confrontation is not the way out. Seasoned leaders like Xi Jinping and Donald Trump must work to formulate a more acceptable solution.