Nikki Haley, the current U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.), warned North Korea as she made the rounds in a series of television interviews today. This isn't the first time in recent weeks that Haley's television interview comments have made headlines, but with all the tension recently between the United States and North Korea any comments by a key official in the Trump administration are newsworthy.

Nikki Haley's comments

Nikki Haley made the morning television rounds this morning, giving interviews on the "CBS Morning Show" and on NBC's "Today Show." She made her comment about not ruling out striking North Korea when she was asked what the threshold would be for the United States to take action against the reclusive totalitarian government ruled by Kim Jong-Un.

She responded by saying that if North Korea were to strike a United States military base or tests an intercontinental ballistic missile that the U.S. could respond by striking them.

Haley did reiterate that the United States is not looking for a fight with North Korea and would not attack the country "unless he (Kim) gives us reason to do something." She also commended China's continued involvement in trying to pressure them to stop their missile and nuclear testing. Besides the missile and nuclear testing, she said the United States is also working with China on the issue of three American citizens being detained by the hostile country. Haley said this was their effort to try to "have a bargaining chip" over the U.S.

and denounced North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as being paranoid and unstable.

Trying to stop North Korea

President Donald Trump's administration has worked to muster support for the United States efforts to pressure North Korea to stop its missile testing and end its nuclear program. Last night, President Trump once again talked to the leaders of Japan and China to discuss the situation.

Today, the White House said in a short statement that Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping once again acknowledged the "urgency of the threat posed by North Korea." President Trump has emphasized that the Chinese will earn a better trade deal if they help to apply pressure to their ally.

Currently, the world is bracing for North Korea to take another inflammatory action tomorrow.

Officials in South Korea believe that there is a chance that they will conduct another nuclear test or a maiden ICBM test launch. This is because tomorrow is the founding anniversary of the country's military.