Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.), recently shared her thoughts on the volatile Twitter activity of President Donald Trump and on Russia's involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election. Haley gave her thoughts while on a Sunday morning media tour, giving interviews for "Face the Nation" on CBS News and "This Week" on ABC News.

On Trump's Tweets

Nikki Haley said that at the United Nations no one is talking about President Trump's often inflammatory tweets and if they are they have not brought it up with her. This is despite that fact that Trump's tweets can and have bothered other countries and have impacts on international relations with friend and foe alike.

However, Haley insisted that if Trump's tweets really offended another country, odds are they would pick up the phone to take their issues to him directly, as opposed to bringing it up to her. She also added that she herself did not pay a lot of attention to them and that you would have to ask other countries' leaders and diplomats themselves if they were aware of Trump's tweets.

Haley on Russia and the election

Nikki Haley also gave a response on the ongoing congressional probes into Russia's involvement in last year's presidential election. She said that everyone is aware of Russian involvement and that there was no question they were involved. Haley also stated, "Well, you know, I've always said we don't trust Russia," when asked if Russian President Vladimir Putin was lying when he said that Russia had not been involved in the election.

However, she insisted that President Donald Trump has told her to not criticize Russia. Haley said that she was focusing on attacking Russia in other areas, like their dispute with neighboring Ukraine and their annexation of Crimea.

Other matters

Haley also talked about how the U.S. is trying to pressure China to take a harder stand on North Korea and their nuclear program, saying at some point they need to show more conclusive action.

She was also asked about Trump cutting humanitarian aid abroad, especially in the face of a famine happening in South Sudan. She stated that this move by the president was to show that their focus was on making the U.S. military better, so that world threats can be faced.