As part of a Mexico City government and United Nations women campaign to reduce sexual assault and harassment of women on the city’s subway, a new seat has been designed – and it’s just for men. Aimed at stopping men from getting intentionally too close to women on the subway, the unusual seat is already getting plenty of attention.

Uncomfortable seating on Mexico City subway

As reported by Huffington News, the designer came up with a seat in the subway car, built to resemble the torso and lap of a naked male, complete with the necessary genitalia.

The seat is marked clearly “for men only” and anyone sitting on the seat and happening to look down would see a sign in Spanish, basically telling the men it is uncomfortable for people to sit there, but that this is nothing compared to the Sexual Harassment and violence experienced by women while traveling on the subway car.

According to a report by the Telegraph, it is not yet clear whether the new seat design will be effective in reducing sexual harassment and so far the best thing about it is to see the range of expressions as people spot it in the subway car along with the reaction of men as they sit on the seat. Most look shocked and disgusted.

The campaign, dubbed “No Es De Hombres” – which roughly translates as “not manly” – has launched a video on YouTube which is gaining popularity with viewers and has attracted almost two million views.

The video closes with a message to the effect that nine out of every ten women in Mexico City have experienced some kind of sexual violence while traveling on the subway.

Experimental screens of men’s butts on the Mexico City subway

The campaign has also come up with another video, titled “Experimento Pantellas” – translating to “Experimental Screens” in English – taken in the subway in Mexico City and featuring close up shots of men’s butts.

These close-ups are reportedly “live streamed” on various overhead screens for men to view while waiting for the train. This is allegedly aimed to be yet another learning experience for the men of the city and certainly makes things uncomfortable for the male of the species in the city.