china has always been the main strength to prop up North Korea and the tables have now been turned which is evident from recent statements that have come out from China. Donald Trump knew all along that he must have Beijing by his side if he wants to rein in Pyongyang and at long last that has happened and China has tilted towards the United States.

China appears to be in sync with the US

CNN reports that Lu Kang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, has expressed concerns of Beijing over the recent nuclear and missile activities of North Korea.

He praised the recent statements of the US on the North Korean issue and termed them as positive and constructive. He went on to add that the problems related to the Korean Peninsula must be resolved and the efforts are progressing in the correct direction.

However, North Korea continues to remain defiant. In an interview with BBC, Han Song-ryol, the vice Foreign Minister of North Korea, has said that in case the United States resorts to military actions, it will result in an all-out war.

The Chinese spokesman believes that such statements will be counterproductive and China is not in favor of words or actions that could add to the tension instead of defusing it.

What is China’s interest?

US President Donald Trump wants China to play an active role and bring North Korea under control.

He has suggested that such an action would be to mutual benefit. China also has an axe to grind because it does not want North Korea to become a full-fledged nuclear power. It is also worried that if a war breaks out on its southern border, it would mean an influx of refugees into the country with possibilities of a US military presence on its borders.

In order to ease the tension in the Korean peninsula, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had suggested in March that the United States should suspend its military exercises with South Korea as they act as an incentive to the North to continue with its nuclear programs.

The point was probably discussed later in the April summit meeting held in Florida between the two presidents - Xi Jinping and Donald Trump.

From subsequent developments, it can be presumed that Beijing has realized the futility of fighting for a lost cause and is ready to part ways with Pyongyang. The signs appear to be positive and if China agrees to join hands with the United States, it could herald in peace in the region and would boost the image of President Donald Trump.