The world is a strange place and aspirations can reach astronomical heights. Mark Zuckerberg (32), the founder of Facebook, is no exception because his recent activities lend credence to the speculation that he nurses dream of being the President of the United States. If he does, he would be the youngest ever to occupy the all-important office.

Mark Zuckerberg is doing his homework

There have been indications in the recent past that Mark Zuckerberg intends to go into politics and end up in the White House. He has gone to the extent of inducting President Obama's former campaign manager into his payroll.

It can be seen as the stepping stone to his goal.

Mark has also gone on a tour of 30 US states probably to familiarize himself with the ground realities. He is worried about the current political scene that has raised a whole lot of questions that politicians and the media are unable to answer. A couple of these issues are the increase in "fake news" and clashes during Black Lives Matter.

What is his vision?

As the owner of the greatest social media of the century, Mark Zuckerberg has an opportunity to interact at every conceivable level of society from all corners of the world. Therefore, he is in a strong position to influence the perception of mankind.

In his Building Global Community piece on Facebook he has raised a pertinent question - are we building the world we want?

In the piece, he has quoted President Abe Lincoln and added that the present situation is a stormy one and the need of the hour is to change our thinking.

Mark’s vision is global. He wants to spread prosperity and freedom. He wants to take care of the humanitarian aspects that embrace peace and understanding and eliminate poverty.

Then there are the global challenges that cry for attention like terrorism and climate change. His objective is to help the world recover from its present state.

It is understood that he would not mind leaving Facebook so that he could serve in a government position or office. His ultimate aim is to bring his company to the forefront so that it can play a decisive role in bringing people together.